Top Places Where you can Find and Buy Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushroom, also commonly known as shrooms, is traditional medicine. Over the years, alternative medicine practitioners use this fungus to treat depression, reduce the effects of smoking cessation, and drug withdrawal. Moreover, it helps treat cancer-related psychological distress.

Aside from the above benefits of shrooms, it is also rich in proteins and fiber, similar to other types of mushrooms. In a nutshell, magic mushrooms have massive potential benefits to human health.

Unfortunately, the magic mushroom is a type of psychedelic drug. It contains psilocybin and psilocin, which are categorized under the polyphyletic group of fungi. These chemical compounds of shrooms are the reason behind its psychoactive properties. Hence, shrooms are a hallucinogenic substance. It can induce hallucinations and stimulate euphoria.

Since shroom is a psychedelic substance, the United States Federal Government labeled the substance as a Schedule I drug. It means the fungus has a great risk of addiction and abuse. To prevent wrongful use of the substance, the federal government sanctioned punishments to individuals who will disobey this regulation.

This move of the government affected many individuals who rely on the substance’s medicinal properties. As an answer, some cities in the U.S, as well as, other countries created regulations that will decriminalize shrooms for medical purposes. Below are the top places wherein you can find and buy magic mushroom in micro-dosages for treatment.


In Canada, psilocybin is categorized as a Schedule III substance. It entails that buying and selling magic mushrooms have penalties and consequences. But there is an exception. People can obtain magic mushrooms in Canada through private dispensaries in micro-dosages.

One of the leading online shroom dispensaries in Canada is They sell premium quality shrooms in micro-dosages. You will have to be a member first before availing of the products of the store. Moreover, only individuals who need shrooms for medical purposes can purchase the product.


If you are living in the U.S., one of the best locations where you can find high-quality shrooms is in California and Denver. These cities decriminalized shrooms for medical and healthcare purposes. Therefore, people with medical needs are ones allowed to procure the substance.

You can buy magic mushrooms in these places through reliable dispensaries. You can find these shroom dispensaries online.


The Netherlands is one of the few countries who are lenient in the use and market of magic mushrooms. Hence, anyone can buy magic mushrooms in the Netherlands without restriction. You can get one regardless of whether it is for medical or recreational purposes.

You can buy magic mushrooms in this country at physical stores. Some coffee shops even sell specialized coffee with shrooms as an ingredient. If you prefer a more discreet way of purchasing magic mushrooms, you can go to online stores and dispensaries of the herb.


Understand that many countries and cities are not open with the idea of selling and using of magic mushrooms. Thus, you have to be careful in obtaining shroom products. The safest way to get high-quality shrooms is through reliable online dispensaries. Also, make sure to follow the suggested micro-dosages of taking the substance to prevent ill consequences.