Top Five Types of Content for SEO

What is the best type of content for SEO? Learn more about the different types of SEO content right here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of driving traffic to the website and improving search engine ranking. The website traffic depends on the number of page conversions, page views, and searches on the search engines. Likewise, a website may gain traffic through sponsored ads.

In today’s age, where most consumers are online, SEO plays a significant role in a business’s growth and success. And how can a business achieve an effective and successful SEO? A website’s online visibility depends on personalized content.

Understanding SEO Content

SEO content refers to any content that drives traffic to the website. It includes blog posts, videos, and images, to name a few, that are relevant for a website’s marketing strategy. SEO content is said to be effective only if it increases web traffic and increases the website’s search engine ranking.

Not all types of content are ideal for SEO. To know more about it, check these different types of SEO content that could assure web traffic.

#1 Short-Form Content

Short-form content is a blog post with a word count of less than 1, 500. This type of content is the most popular in SEO. Most page viewers do not bother reading long blog posts since it is time-consuming. What they look for are informative and brief blog posts.

You can make short-form content more attention-grabbing and informative by adding images, pictographs, and short videos. Aside from blog posts, short-form content could also be in the form of promotional email blasts, product descriptions, and landing page content.

#2 Long-Form Content

Long-form content is the opposite of the former. It contains words more than 1,500 words and may include downloadable ebooks. This type of content is more detailed than short-form content.

Some viewers prefer longer content, which makes a better option for SEO. Moreover, it allows you to use several keywords in one content.

However, beware that not all topics are ideal for long-form content. For example, no person would read 2,000-word content for a simple travel tip. Therefore, make sure to pick topics that are suitable for this type of content.

#3 Pillar Content

Pillar content is a combination of long-form content and short-form content. It contains higher-level keywords supported by shorter content with long-tail keywords. This type of content is the best option to create topic clusters for the website. It should be informative and in-depth for most page viewers to go to pillar content to learn more about the website.

#4 Infographics

While many people enjoy reading blog posts, some prefer infographics. This type of content allows the viewer to process information easily and quickly. It includes snapshots of pertinent information about the website partnered with pictures and graphs.

#5 Videos

The biggest advantage of a video is the visual it offers. It is more engaging compared to blog posts. Moreover, viewers could easily digest information, even heavy ones, when watching a video compared to other types of content.