Top Energy Saving Tips This Summer

The Midwestern part of the USA was blasted with extreme cold due to a phenomenon called “Polar Vortex” during its first few weeks of 2019; although some people may find it oddly interesting since the same phenomenon happened in 1899, many believe that it’s the beginning of a more extreme weather condition, especially this coming summer.

Summer season is not just about beaches, tan, and ice cream; inarguably, it is the season when you have to pay too much on your electric bill. Due to climate change, expect a more dry, hot, and humid day; thus, expect your electric bill to go up. The increased cost of electricity is caused by the increase in overall energy usage, where more consumers are using electricity; thus, pushing the market to increase its cost.

While winter is close to ending and the need to have your home for heating, it is time to think about how to reduce your electric bill this summer. To help you out, here are the top energy saving tips this summer season.

Tip #1. Change your lights to LED

Using LED lights or any LED-based-equipment can lower your electric consumption by 80 percent. The LED uses electroluminescence, where it creates little heat, in comparison to the 90 percent released heat by the incandescent bulbs and 80 percent from the Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

Although most of the LED lights today are quite expensive, it is by far one of the best ways to reduce your electric bill.

Tip #2:  Be wise when using your AC

Generally, summer is hot, dry, and humid most of the time; so, who would not want to increase the AC to feel so good and cool when it is hot outside? Everyone does; however, as a consequence, you have to pay more due to the increased demand for cool air inside your home.

Here is a tip, when you come home, avoid setting your AC higher than the required temperature; if you think that it’ll take time to make the room cold due to the warm season, that’s not true. Experts pointed out that no matter how high or low you set the AC, it’ll cool the room the same time you turned it on with the required temperature from a high temperature.

Also, do not constantly change the temp on your AC, because it’ll only cause your electric bill to skyrocket.

Tip #3: Use your thermostat effectively

Experts recommend setting the indoor temp to 75 degrees F. If in case you are away from home, it would be wise to set the thermostat to 75 degrees F or you could turn it off altogether with your air conditioner. According to the experts, the difference between the outside and the inside temperature can effectively lower your electric consumption.

Tip #4: Always have time to clean your air filters

If your cooling system has too much dirt in it, it’ll cause your HVAC to use more energy, causing you to pay more on your next electric bill. So, keep your HVAC filters clean.

Wise usage of electricity and home comfort may not meet in the middle. However, there are still several ways to meet halfway, where you can have your home for heating, cooling, and home comfort and reduced electricity consumption is concerned.