Tips in Remodeling Your Basement

Did you know that you can turn your basement into something awesome?

We know that the basement is one of the most neglected areas in your home. It’s mostly dark and contains furniture, appliances and other stuff that you don’t use anymore. You won’t even expect that you can do something to make it pleasing and usable.

Enhance your home and add additional livable space in your house through these basement remodeling tips:

  1. Built-in Storage

It’s quite usual for a basement to become storage for all sorts of stuff. You can put everything in it such as memorabilia, holiday decorations, out-of-season clothes, and garden equipment.

However, instead of keeping its boring and dull appearance, why don’t you turn it into an aesthetically pleasing storage space?

You can build a built-in closet with the same height as your ceiling. Through that, you can create an illusion of a white wall – or any color that you want – and still have enough space for miscellaneous stuff.

  1. Banish Gloom with Good Lighting

To make your basement more inviting, you should ensure that you have a great lighting plan. You can make use of recessed cans to provide an overall illumination to your basement.

Moreover, you can add pendants or track lights to get rid of shadows on certain places where you’ll be performing activities like reading, playing, or working.

You can even put floor lamps or table lamps to totally banish the shadows on the basement’s corner. Task lights are also a good idea – put them beside your sofas and chairs.

  1. Choose a Practical and Comfortable Flooring

If you’re going to remodel your basement, you shouldn’t be contented with just a concrete slab. Depending on your preference, you can install a plywood subfloor to improve the basement’s appearance.

Fortunately, concrete can allow you to add various flooring like carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl, and even paint.

Using solid wood flooring is not advised when it comes to basements because they expand and shrink. As a result, you might notice warping or gaps on your floor.

We recommend that you use engineered wood because it expands and shrinks a little less compared to other solid wood floorings.

  1. Finish Basement Ceilings

When it comes to the basement ceiling, you have three options. The first one is to conceal the joists, ductwork, and pipes through paneling or drywall. The second option is hiding everything through a drop or suspended ceiling. Lastly, you can leave everything exposed and just paint it using a sprayer.

Do you want the best option? If you do, then you can choose the first one. It can definitely help you achieve a main-room feel.

  1. Finish the Walls for a More Pleasing Ambience

The walls in your basement are usually made of stacked concrete blocks or poured concrete. And because of that, you feel like it’s a secondary space!

To improve the walls, you can cover it with your preferred material.

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