Tips and Tricks in Surviving Fortnite “Battle Royale” as a Beginner

Fortnite is one of the biggest free online action games that have taken the “gaming world” by storm after a few months it was released on July 2017. Due to its popularity, Epic Games had released a newer and more epic version on September of the same year, called Fortnite “Battle Royale”.

Since the developer of Fortnite does not want their players to feel bored when playing the game, each week, they try to update it– from the map, the mysterious cubes that have gone missing and later found in a different area at a different season, the pass skins, and more. As a result, surviving the game on your first try is often difficult and impossible.

Fortunately, there are “battle masters” that are willing to give the new players full-scaled Fortnite tips and tricks– from finding the right Fortnite settings, keybinds, gear, and how to survive the game. To give you a little extra Fortnite Battle Royale survival advice, here are a few tips and tricks in surviving each battle.

1. Play with friends

If you are new to this type of game, where everything should be done fast, you should play it with your friends who are already pro or at an advanced skill. Plus, the game is hard and sometimes brutal for a solo player versus 99 opponents; so, it is best to play Fortnite with your friends.

Additionally, a duo or a team of 4 will help you get revived if in case you got knocked out before getting killed. Moreover, playing with friends who have been playing longer than you will give you on-the-spot training in building, changing weapon, editing, and fighting against opponents.

2. Loot faster to survive longer

The game starts with a flying bus; you have to jump out of it and skydive at maximum speed. Then, you have to land in the safest area, which is at the roof of the building. To survive the first few parts of the game, you have to loot hard and faster; your first priority is to get a weapon, and then a shield, followed by a healing item. Do not skip the early stages of the game; it is one of the essential parts of the game where you can loot a pistol or a better weapon.

3. If you want to win, you have to build

As mentioned, Fortnite Battle Royale is a game where you need to act fast to survive; it is a game of Minecraft, PUBG, and the Walking Dead concept combined. If you want to survive and win, you have to get comfortable with your keybinds when it comes to building faster. Remember that there are 99 enemies out there that are waiting to bring you down; so, building walls, tower, bridges, castle, and more will help you with your defense and offense against the opponents.

4. Do not stop moving

Fortnite is not similar to PUBG, where you can camp out anytime; although you can in this game, but there are rare chances of surviving if you try. In other words, whether you are healing, building, reloading, changing weapon, or attacking someone, do not stop moving; it is hard to hit a moving target than those who are stationary.

There are more ways to survive in Fortnite Battle Royale; try to read more of them from well-known Fortnite players like those from Fortnite Nexus’ website.