How to Select a Concealer

Concealers have been a boon to the makeup professionals as well as individuals enthusiastic about makeup. It has been proved highly effective in covering up different types of imperfections on the skin and giving a flawless long-lasting makeup. The selection and use of the concealer plays a big role in attaining the targeted result from its use. You need to be very careful in selecting the right type of concealer for the correct skin type and the purpose of use. If you are looking around for concealer then you should check these reviews out first to get clarity about the selection parameters. I must add that if the selection goes wrong, or the application of the concealers not done well then it may attract attention to the very imperfections you are trying to cover up. A wrong choice may jeopardize your entire effort to have flawless makeup.

Let’s see what one should keep in mind when searching for a good quality concealer.

Firstly the skin type must be taken into account while selecting a concealer. For instance, a person with dry skin must not opt for a liquid type concealer with a matte finish as such finish will emphasize the dryness of the skin. Similarly, a creamy concealer must not be selected for the oily skin type as they tend to magnify the pores and impart an oily and shiny exterior.

As we know, the selection of the concealer also depends on the purpose of its use. For contouring, one needs a different type of concealer and for dark circles, a different type is required. While a light coverage concealer successfully creates even finish over minor skin discolorations, the type of concealer for the under-eye area would ideally be the one with strictly one or two shade lighter than the original skin tone to avoid a prominent artificial lighter ring in the affected area.

Some experts say that when heavy concealing is required, the concealer acts better than the foundation which is true to a greater extent, but it is also an undeniable fact that effectiveness in makeup can be achieved to a standard notch higher of the concealer is used as a touch upon the foundation. You can use the compatibility of both of these to your advantage by just learning the proper way to use them together. To start with you can select the shade of concealer that matches the shade of the foundation to have a basic yet attractive makeup. If required, you can start experimenting with other types in want of getting textures, contours, and shades.

Only the selection of a proper concealer for your purpose will certainly take away the bigger chunk of your makeup hassles, but learning the application procedure will help you in attaining the highest quality of makeup. The combination of concealer with the foundation, use of concealer in isolation, and trying different shades and combinations on the skin must be studied in detail before resorting to one method or formula for your makeup routine.