How to Keep Your Toddler Safe When Sleeping

How safe is your kid when sleeping? Here are the safety measures parents must follow to ensure little one’s safety when sleeping.

It is a parent’s nature to worry for their kid’s safety and comfort. Even when sleeping, a child is prone to danger. They could fall off the bed and incur injury. Likewise, an uncomfortable bed disrupts their sleep. Take note a child’s body requires more than 8 hours of sleep to grow and develop. Sleep disruptions are unhealthy for their growing body.

Transitioning from cot to toddler bed is a huge leap for a kid. It shows the little one is growing and healthy. Of course, staying in the cot is quite uncomfortable as a toddler grows. They need to move to a bigger bed that is more suitable for their age.

When to Tell Your Child is Ready for Toddler Bed?

There are several factors to consider when transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed. These factors include the child’s height, activeness, and age.

Babies outgrow their cot around 18-months. When they do, babies tend to lose their feeling of comfort from the cot. They get fussy, and more often, the cot could no longer hold the child’s weight and height.

The standard height of toddler beds is 140cm x 70 cm. It is perfect for kids who are 89 cm tall. If you notice that your kid’s height is on their nipple height, then it is the right time for your little one to transition from cot to bed.

A toddler bed is easier and faster for kids to access. Also, some toddler beds come with creative colors and themes that appeal to children.

How to Keep Your Child Safe in a Toddler Bed

As you keep browsing for a sleep bed for kids, look for options that are 100% safe. Some toddler beds lack safety measures, thereby risking your little one’s safety. Thus, you have to be careful and smart when choosing a toddler bed.

When talking about safety, make sure to get a toddler bed with guard railings. The height of the bed rail should be tall enough to secure the baby from falling. Additionally, it is essential to consider the railing’s construction. Make sure it is durable and does not easily collapse. For kids who keep tossing and turning when asleep, the best option is a full bed rail. For less fussy kids, a half bed rail is enough to keep them happy and safe.

Another factor you have to take note of is the bed’s height. Choose one that sits low on the floor. A toddler bed that is too tall for the child is hazardous. They could get injured when they accidentally fall. Moreover, a tall bed is challenging to access.

Also, consider the space and structure of the bed. A bed with sufficient space for sleeping reduces the risk of falling since their body has more room to move into. Additionally, pick a bed with a stable structure and came from premium materials. Wooden and metal-framed toddler beds are more durable yet quite expensive than plastics. If you are a bit low on the budget, there are high-quality and durable plastic toddler beds in the market.