How to Choose the Right Fishing Hook: 5 Things to Consider

When it comes to fishing, you need the right fishing hook, but how to choose the right hook when there are several options to choose from? Check this post to find out how.

In fishing, you do not only need bait, but you also need the right fishing hook. And if you are new to fishing, you need to consider the following factors:

#1: Right Fishing Hook Size

Size matters when choosing a fishing hook; it should match your fishing needs.

Fishing hooks start at 1/0 or 32 (the smallest) and can go up to the number 28/0. To choose the right size, you need to consider the following:

Fishing place

Is the water clear? Is there too much debris such as sticks and leaves? How fast is the current? If you choose a hook of smaller size, and fish in waters with leaves, sticks, big rocks, or with fast current, passing fish won’t notice your hook.

Size of fish

How big will be the fish you are planning to catch?

Another factor to consider when choosing the right hook size is the size of the fish you plan to catch. If you are planning to catch large fish, you need to use larger than 1/0. Remember, the larger the fish, the bigger the hook size. Try to check a reliable Hook Size Chart to find the right hook size.

Manufacturers sizing system

The size of the fishing hooks may also vary from its manufacturing numbering or sizing system. So, take time to check each brand’s numbering systems.

#2: The Fishing Hook Styles

If choosing the right fishing hook size is not bothersome, here’s another factor to think about – the style.

There are several fishing hook styles to choose from, and each one has specifics. If you are a beginner, here are some basic types of hooks:


These are the most popular types of fishing hooks. They resemble the letter J, with sharp points, round bends, and long shanks. Also, these types of hooks fit several types of fishing methods and fish.

Circle hooks

Another popular type of fishing hook is circle hooks. J-hooks and circle hooks look similar, but the latter’s bend is rounder and extends further than the former.

Circle hooks are easy grab-and-release type of fishing hooks and ideal for larger types of fish.

Treble hooks

Treble hooks are much different from J-hooks and circle hooks. The treble hooks have three points that extend from their single shank.

#3: The Hook’s Strength

Another factor to consider when buying a fishing hook is its strength. Even though the strength does not matter if you are fishing small fish, it is still a requirement when choosing the right hook.

#4: The Hook’s Sharpness

If you want a sure catch, always choose a sharp hook. However, be careful when you use one.

#5: Good Review

It is always worth it to purchase products with good reviews. So, check customer product review when choosing the right fishing hook.