Hair Dryers: 7 Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Hair

Every woman believes the best hair dryers can make a bad hair day turn out so differently and it’s really quite important to ensure the right hair dryer is with you. A good hair dryer can make you feel better in many ways and really ensure it’s one that makes your day a lot smoother. However, damaged hair is easy to obtain and sometimes we are the ones to blame! There are a few things that you can do to hopefully protect the hair somewhat and avoid it from becoming damaged.

Use Protector Spray

Have you thought about using heat protector spray? This is a simple spray that can be lightly sprayed just after you’ve washed the hair. It is supposed to offer a layer of protection against the heat helping to prevent any damage before it occurs! This can be very important to consider using and really a few light sprays can help in many ways. You can use the very best hair dryers and hopefully less damage will occur.

Always Keep the Heat Low

How high are your heat settings? Sometimes, the more heat you have the more damage that can be done! You really have to think about keeping your heating temperatures and settings low. You might think it’ll take longer to dry the hair but it’ll keep any damage to a minimum and that really matters here! Far too many people use extremely high heat settings and it’s a waste to say the least. The best hair dryers can offer a variety of settings that you can change to low, medium or high. Always opt for low.

Allow Free Drying

Free drying isn’t often thought about especially with those with long hair and yet it might be an ideal solution. With free drying you really leave the hair to dry mostly by it and that can help keep any damage to a bare minimum. Again, people often want to dry their hair quickly but it’s worth thinking about nonetheless. With the best hair dryers, you can get the results you want. However, free drying for a little while might also help, especially if you are in no hurry to go out.

Use the Hair Dryers Less Often

Most women use their hair dryers every single day and while that might be the norm for them, it could also be contributing to damaging their hair. It really is wise and very important to think about keeping your use of hair dryers to the minimum. Try using it every second day instead of every day? You could use dry shampoo instead of washing every morning; it’s something that might help prevent the hair from being damaged. Even the best hair dryers can damage hair unknowingly to you so be careful.

Keeps the Hair Dryer Moving?

Are you the type of person who keeps the hair dryer in the same position for ten or 15 minutes? We are all guilty of that but it’s not always the best practice when it comes to our hair. You have to keep the hair dryer moving so that you don’t actually put too much heat onto the hair at any one time. That can damage it badly so keep on the move. The best hair dryers can be great but if you stay in one area of the hair for too long, damage can occur.

Watch When You Start Drying

Do you dry right after you’ve gotten out the shower? Very wet hair is damaged easily and it’s not the ideal time for you to start drying the hair either. It might be wise to leave it five or ten minutes before you start drying the hair or until the hair is damp instead of soaking wet. Again, it’ll help prevent damage done as wet hair is very brittle. Even the best hair dryers can damage soaking hair so be wary.

Not too Close

It’s also very important to have the hair dryer a fair distance from your head. The reason why is simply because you can burn your hair and scalp when the hair dryer is too close to you. The best hair dryers can offer the best programs but still if you are too close to your head burns can occur. A lot of people don’t think about this and yet it’s vital. Always be wary as to how close you keep the hair dryer. More details here:

Be Careful

Far too many women don’t think about how they are using their hair dryers and end up damaging their hair without knowing it. That is not what you want to do and certainly it’s not good for your head or hair either. You want to take the best approach and that means using the best hair dryers and ensuring the way you use it is safely.