Five Criteria to Follow When Searching for the Best Floor Jack

Know that searching for the best floor jack is not an easy quest. It is an overwhelming and daunting experience, particularly for newbies. Although the variety of floor jack options has its perks; however, handpicking one from this huge number is confusing. Also, floor jacks are not cheap. Hence, you have to choose wisely before spending money on a particular item to avoid regrets at the end.

Then, how can you tell which one is the best floor jack to invest?

The answer is simple; all you have to do is follow these five criteria in selecting the perfect floor jack for personal and professional use.

#1 Is it a well-known Brand?

A good technique in searching for a quality floor jack is choosing one that came from a reputable manufacturer or brand. It is the safest route for beginners. You’ll never go wrong in choosing a floor jack based on its company’s name.

The easiest way to find out a floor jack’s customer reputation is by reading product reviews. There are reliable online sources that post honest information regarding floor jacks. One of the trustworthy websites that provide reviews is Auto Aid Outlet. You can visit this source for more information about this tool.

#2 Is it Durable?

A product’s popularity in the market is only one factor you have to consider. Another criteria you have to look for is the durability of the product.

Remember that floor jacks are expensive. Hence, spending cash on such item with poor build, design, and construction is only a waste of money. Thus, before making a final decision, make sure to check first the durability of the item. It must come from premium materials that are guaranteed high-grade. Also, check the frame of the item to assure it can handle heavy-duty lifting.

#3 What is the floor jack’s lifting capacity and range?

Automobile enthusiast and professionals highly recommend floor jacks with wide lifting range and high weight capacity. This factor will affect the tasks you can complete and what type of vehicle the jack can support.

For example, Powerbuilt triple-lifting jack has a maximum weight capacity of 2 tons and a lifting range of 5.5 inches to 17.5 inches. Thus, this floor jack can lift almost all types of vehicle from motorcycles, cars, ATVs, UTVs, and trucks.

#4 Does it have Safety Features?

Only choose floor jacks that meet or exceeds the standards of ANSI and ASME. With this, you can ensure the equipment is 100% safe to use and guaranteed high-quality.

You must choose a floor jack with safety features such as locking bar, tie-down points, and a broad base to provide more stability and support.

#5 Does it have Notable Features?

Floor jacks coming from different brands have unique features. And, you have to consider if this feature is helpful or not. For instance, the Power built features triple-lifting technology that is popular to workshop owners since it allows them to lift a variety of specialty vehicles.

So, which floor jack will you choose?

If you are still confused, no worries! The Auto Aid Outlet is here to guide you throughout the process.