Crushing Ice in a Blender

How can you crush ice in a blender?

This is one of the easiest ways to break down your ice cubes in to smaller pieces using your blender. You place your ice cubes for some few minutes on a counter. Then you tip them in the blender for crushing to get a fine consistency. The crushed ice dresses up your cocktail and smoothies that is in front of your table.

Getting the right blender

Not all blenders in the market are capable of breaking your ice. Some are plastic made that may crack while you are in the process of crushing. A poor quality of blender cannot get the expected results for you. Using the right blender is your first step before you proceed to breaking the ice.

Giving the ice some rest

Do not get ice direct from the freezer and go on breaking. This will give you a hard time just like hunting for something you cannot kill. Place it on top of your counter for some few minutes. This makes work easier for you when you settle it in your blender.

Ice cubes in your blend

Arrange your ice cubes in the blender. This arrangement gives you some spaces within the ice cubes. As your blending process begins, they create the bouncing movement inside the blender. Over packing your ice cubes will bring congestion inside.

Closing your cover lid

You will not like your cubes spill down on the floor as you go by your crushing moment. You have to tighten your lid before crushing your ice. It is lucky enough if you have the pulse setting on your blender. With just some few minutes give your blender some short bursts.

If you put the right amount of cubes, you will get standard results that are desired. By the look of the eyes it will be a pleasing snow like ice. You can get your fruit juice and add to your cubes in the blender. This will also help you not to delay on one step but to proceed further.

A pulse setting on your blender

It is not compulsory to get this feature on your blender. If you get your blender with it, set it to a medium speed. Churning of your ice cubes will begin immediately. Shake your container to keep your ice moving for an even and easy crush.

A perfect consistent result

This is your finality and you need to be careful or else have a poor result. After switching off your blender, put your finely crushed ice in an insulated bucket. This avoids your ice from melting easily and making your efforts run in to waste.  You can start serving your cocktails or if you are not ready preserve your ice in a freezer for later use.


The best way to have your fantastic cocktail is to learn how to crush ice in a blender. You will always have a refreshing moment in your life.  This is one way of refreshing your body with cold ice especially during the hot season. You just need to get your ice cubes and make sure you achieve your refreshing taste of ice cubes by crushing them.