Best Dog Hearing Protection that You Should Buy for Your Pet Dog

Did you know that dogs are sensitive in hearing a loud noise? Did you know that loud noise could also lead to the deafness of your dogs if they are regularly exposed to it? Yes, dogs are sensitive enough in hearing a loud noise and also it could lead to their deafness if they are always prone to the loud sounds above 85Db.  If human beings have around 6 ear muscles, then dogs have 18 ear muscles that make them be sensitive enough in hearing sounds even in distant. Dog ears have also about 16,000 tiny hair cells that can hear up to 60,000 Hz sound frequency. This means that they are very quick in hearing sounds and noises on their surroundings. That is why your pet dogs are always barking even you heard nothing.

If you really love your pet dogs, then you should find the best hearing protection for dogs that could  protect them from the loud sounds. Also, these could be a big help for you if you want to make your dogs stop barking at all the time. Sometimes, too much barking could also irritate us, especially if you want to have a good sleep at night or day time. So, here are the examples of the best dog hearing protection that you should buy for your pet dogs:

Mutt Muffs DDR337 – A type of earmuff that reduces the sound and does not affect the hearing capability of your pet dog. This design is best for your dog protection as well as to lessen the loud sounds that might affect your dog hearing. What are the pros of using this earmuff? It is lightweight and has different sizes; small, medium, large and extra large that could fit the different ear sizes of your dog. It offers specialized design with wide foam that fills the ear seals for the comfort of your dog. Also, it offers adjustable straps for your dog that has a design to fit perfectly on the dog’s curved head. The only thing is that this earmuff does not cure for thunderstorm phobia and you will need to determine the exact ear size of your pet.

4 Paws Aviation – It offers an FAA-approved foam that helps reduce the loud noise for your pet dogs. It came from a trusted US based company that has already over 7 years in manufacturing hearing protection best for your pet dogs and cats. It is effective in terms of loud thunderstorm and fireworks sounds that might scare your pets. The best thing is that this 4 Paws Aviation is designed for aviation, medical and personal issues of your pet dogs and cats. this could be a perfect choice if you want your dog to travel with you wherever you go. You can avail different sizes, from the small size that can cover up dogs and cats from 5 to 25 lbs weight and 7 to 13 inches head circumference, medium size for 20 to 60lbs weight with 13 to 19 inches head circumference, and the large size for 50 to 90 lbs weight and 19 and above head circumference. Mostly, it offers external attachments that could make your pets super comfortable.

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